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The inspiring life of Frank Lloyd Wright and his love of architecture:

The definition of architecture in simple terms can be, “The art of designing and constructing”. This definition is incomplete without mentioning the name of Frank Lloyd Wright and his contributions to modern architecture. Gifted to the world in 1867, he proved himself to be the Father of modernist architecture with his innovation and beautification in architecture.  

Early Life:

           Frank got registered for a degree in civil engineering with his early interest in engineering. He took a part-time job assisting the dean of his university to help him pay the university fees. His role was to assist a renowned architect, Joseph Silsbee in building the university chapel. This job interested him so much that he decided to drop out of the university and follow his career in architecture.

After working with Silsbee for a period of almost a year he started working with another famous architect Louis Sullivan well known for his work on skyscrapers. Working under this chief architecture Frank started to visualize his idea of Modern and Legos architecture, one in which form was influenced by functionality and to celebrate all the eras of past and future through the Lego architecture.   


            In 1893 this famous architect brought a new aesthetic definition and concept of architecture by completing his first organic architecture model. In this residential architecture, he completed the famous Winslow House. This architectural masterpiece represented American Suburban architecture and its relationship with nature at its best.

 After this, he went on adding and taking to perfection the concept of this architecture of houses and neatly drawn lines incorporating the art of both natural and manmade material in its architectural concept. His other famous landscape and residential architecture works include notable Robie House and Unity Temple to be the most famous architectural masterpieces of modernist architecture.

Earthquake resistant:

            Another famous architectural style of this chief architect is the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo which he guaranteed would be earthquake resistant and later on, in the deadliest earthquake, his assertions were true as the building stood the shocks.

Most famous work:

            Falling water which was designed by this master architect is the most famous, celebrated, and the most splendid home of America. It has been added to the UNESCO world heritage list.   

All these words sum up to make him known as the father of modernist architecture and one of the most famous chief architects the world has ever seen.

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