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The Problem

          One of our client Mobilink Jazz, wanted to get a roof treatment for their roof leakage problem which arose due to a hole that was drilled excessively on the rooftop for a network tower. The room was a data center being used for all the data collection, control and dispatch and the client was afraid that this might prove to be the first nail in the coffin of the data center. The drill hole was like a pain in the neck for the company because during every rainfall there would be water tripping down the hole directly into the data center risking all the data and information about the company. They contacted premier services and hired our services to resolve the issue.

The solution

         As we analyzed the site 3 to 4 vendors had already tried their luck on the rooftop but were unable to resolve the issue to cover the hole and completely stop the dripping of water. Many tried from above the roof by filling it with cement but it would always become obsolete after a heavy rainfall. We came up with a unique and different approach altogether. We used a galvanized iron plate and UPVC pipe from inside the data center to solve the issue permanently.

The Results

        This technique solved the issue permanently, no matter how heavy the rainfall is no water drips down in the data center anymore and we got ourselves a happy and satisfied client.

Are you facing any such problem? Do you want roof treatment or any other renovation work done? Contact us and we will get it done within the best budget and time. 


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