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Architecture of Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace.

One of the essential motivations to visit Alhambra is the impressive architecture in plain view. Alhambra is anything but a solitary royal residence however a whole perplexing lodging Renaissance and archaic castles and yards, all inside a stronghold. While situated in Western Europe, Alhambra features customary Islamic features relating toward the East, including mathematical examples, section arcades, painted tiles, Islamic Calligraphy, Arches, reflecting pools, and wellsprings. Certain highlights explicit to Moorish architecture are in plain view here including the horseshoe curve, Islamic window screens, supplication specialty and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The valid Islamic-style engineering in plain view at Alhambra makes it very novel given that it’s situated in Spain.


One inscription that is prominent throughout the Alhambra – on walls, arches, and columns – is “There is no victor but Allah”. Individual words like “happiness” or “blessing” recur throughout the palace, which some claim to be divine expression that were supposed to protect the monarch. Other prominent inscriptions include, “Rejoice in good fortune because Allah helps you” and “Be sparse in words and you will go in peace.” The inscriptions from the Quran are intentionally situated far from the ground and towards the top of the walls.

Twelve Lions.

Water fountains structure a fundamental segment of Islamic architecture, however the Fountain of the Lions in the Alhambra especially stood apart to me for its imagery of solidarity, force, and power. A sonnet composed by Ibn Zamrak enhances the edge of the wellspring, which adulates the excellence of the wellspring as well as gives understanding into the operations of their complex water driven frameworks. The twelve grinning lions, every one of which is marginally remarkable, are made out of white marble and under the foundation of the wellspring are four water channels, which are said to address the four streams of heaven. The entirety of the twelve lions likewise sprout water from their mouths, which makes a mitigating vibrating sound as one stands in the focal point of the royal residence.

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