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Importance of interior designing of a workplace


Why would big companies like Google and Facebook spend millions of rupees on interior designing and architecture of their workplaces? Why has this become necessary to have a very lively, interactive, and elegantly designed workplace?

 According to research “An average person will spend 90,000 hours at work in one’s life”. Keeping in mind the modern architects are always striving hard to come up with new interior design styles and soft wares to help people design their homes and workplace. Office designs have been changing as the technology and the market needs to be kept on changing along with the need for the offices to be more interactive in order for the employees to feel comfortable and to get the maximum and efficient output.

There are numerous components for the interior design of an office including, Cleanliness, temperature, color, outdoor view, artificial lightning, furniture, temperature, and security. Out of all these factors, temperature and furniture of a workplace are the two most important factors that contribute towards higher productivity of the employees. Many types of research prove that workers in soiled and stained offices suffer more anxiety and tension as compared to modern designed workplaces. Moving on surveys explain that females tend to care more about the way the architect and interior design of their office is.

Better designed offices and workplaces lead to motivated, innovative, and creative employees. Almost 93% of workers answered that they are highly likely to be more loyal to the company with better-designed workplaces. Another majority said they would be willfully more productive if the office they work in gets more comfortable. Businesses these days need to make the right impression and exhibit that it cares a lot about the mental wellbeing of the employees.

Following are some of the ideas that can be followed in order for the workspaces architecture to be modern and elegant.

  1. Focus on creating receptions and welcoming spaces.
  2. The workstations need to be flexible and need to have personal moving space.
  3. Companies need to have gathering spaces that aren’t met to be for an official discussion.
  4. Making smoking zones in the offices.
  5. Providing some playing and private space like a snooker table, table tennis, and a gaming room.
  6. Smartly using daylight to set the mood and tone of the office.

Want to get these changes done for your office? Just let us know and we will design it for you in the true spirits of your business like no other.

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